Zebras Seen Wearing Cam Newton Pants

As Super Bowl Sunday closes in and Carolina Panthers fans flock to Santa Clara to cheer on their team, strange reports are starting to surface that various zebras from across the globe have shown up wearing designer pants inspired by Cam Newton. The African mammals were honored this week when Cam appeared in public wearing Zebra-striped pants, and now they have responded with their own show of solidarity for the MVP quarterback.

Created by renowned animal clothing designer Fursace, the pants embrace the telltale Panthers blue spotted with tiny plasterings of Newton’s face. As soon as photos of the Zebras’ new Cam pants surfaced on Instagram, they sold out online within an hour. A few eBay auctions for the highly-coveted  pants have surfaced with prices ranging up to $50,000.

Mayor of Santa Clara Helen Cromwell is delighted the zebras made the trip. “We’re honored to have them as guests in our city,” she said. “They’re model visitors. They don’t talk much, and all they do is snack on grass that needs to be mowed anyway.”

Cam Newton’s connection to Zebras may run deeper than Carolina Panther fans may realize. “Zebras are Cam’s spirit animal,” said local California Psychic Moondancer Phillips. “That’s why he wears their pants and they wear his. It’s very Yin and Yang. The zebra’s arrival here in Santa Clara is a very good sign for such an important game.”

Calls to Newton’s camp have gone unanswered, but an anonymous source from the Panthers’ locker room said the zebras’ Cam pants made him smile. The zebras will be cheering along with millions of Panthers fans on Sunday as Cam shows the world what he’s capable of and wins the Vince Lombardi trophy for the Carolinas.