Yeti Hat & Aviator Sunglasses Now The Official Uniform of Basic Mt. Pleasant Chicks

Town Council has designated the Yeti hat and aviator sunglasses as the official uniform of basic Mt. Pleasant women. The official decree was made to much fanfare this morning at the Mt. Pleasant Municipal Center. October 6th will be known as Annual Basic Mt. Pleasant Chick Day from this day forward.

Town Council member John Franklin was pleased the measure had been taken. “When women move to Mt. Pleasant, we want to show them what to wear to fit in. It’s the perfect attire for those who don’t want to put much thought into getting dressed and/or have zero desire to develop their own style. Everyone else is wearing it, so why shouldn’t you?”

Mt. Pleasant local Drew Thompson said the official uniform can be challenging. “I went to a crowded bar with my wife. After two hours, I discovered I was talking to the wrong basic Mt. Pleasant chick. It turns out it was another dyed blond girl wearing a Yeti hat and aviator sunglasses who worked in sales & marketing. They were all over the place, drinking Moscow Mules and humming Zac Brown Band songs to themselves. I didn’t locate my real wife until a few hours later.”

Renowned fashion expert Lisa offered her opinion on the new uniform. “What are these women thinking? A trucker hat of a cooler company? Why the hell would anyone want to wear that? These women are expressing themselves by providing free advertising to a cooler company. What planet is this?”

The Mt. Pleasant Town Council will amend their decree next year to include the Mercedes GLS SUV, the official transportation of basic Mt. Pleasant women.

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  1. Hey look at me !! My husband spent more on a stupid ice chest than most people do on their mortgage payment!!
    I am so glad his parents have that trust fund

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