Woman Next Door Trying To Push Another Friggin Pyramid Scheme On You

A Johns Island woman is struggling to cope with her frustration this morning as her neighbor is trying to suck her into another pyramid scheme. Elaine Reed has been pressured into five previous scams by Norma Donaldson next door, and now Norma is trying to recruit her to sell over-priced protein shakes.

So far, Elaine has been guilted into each ridiculous pyramid scheme Norma has pushed on her. First there was total body cleanse solution, then it was the smelly oils, and the premium candles, then the gourmet dips, and most recently the outrageously priced makeup. Each one required Elaine to layout a lot of cash for mediocre stuff that wasn’t worth it.

“She always gets suckered into this crap and then she tries to push it on me,” said Elaine. “I’m tired of having parties at my house where she pressures my friends into buying things they don’t need. If you want to make some extra money that bad, just get a part-time job and leave me alone!”

Norma was extremely frustrated by the implication that her new home business was a scam. “It’s not a pyramid scheme,” she said. “It’s a multi-layered structure of potential revenue that grows larger with each person I sign up under me. There’s a big difference.”

Norma’s new business is projected to fail after she’s done selling to the same friends and family members because she’s incapable of generating new contacts to make her business successful. Instead of getting a job and earning cash on a regular basis, she’s expected to hawk another pyramid scheme soon.

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  1. There’s a job waiting at JP Morgan in NYC for Norma in structured securities if she wants one.

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