Wine Truck Sends James Island Moms Running Into The Street Waving Dollar Bills In Hand

James Island moms sprinted out of their houses this morning and into to streets to meet the Divine Wine truck for their mid-morning treat. The suburban women flocked to the road as soon as they heard the approaching wine truck’s speakers playing Justin Timberlake’s hits.

A visit from the wine truck is a morning treat for the women of James Island. Most moms are already at their wit’s end after the horrendous drop-off car line at school and changing at least one pooped-through diaper. When they hear the wine truck approaching, they grab any loose cash they can find and run into the streets with their female neighbors, jumping up and down with dollar bills waving in their hands as the truck comes to a stop.

James Island Mom Jen Dreyer said the wine truck makes her day. “I sit by the window and wait for the wine truck to come every morning,” she said. “When I hear that JT music playing, I run as fast as I can so I can be first in line. Then I get my Clemson Tervis Tumbler topped off with two scoops of Franzia Sunset Blush with two ice cubes on top. It’s the best!”

Divine Wine truck owner Tim Leonard said he doesn’t have the capacity to service all of the women of James Island. “My truck can only handle so much volume,” he said. “These James Island women can throw down some wine. I even added a second truck to better cover the island, but they just upped their wine intake. I may have to invest in a fleet of wine trucks.”

Divine Wine customers will fall into a wine nap before Price is Right is over, and will be abruptly woken up by the sound of their smoke alarms when the Totino’s Pizza Rolls they forgot in the oven begin to smolder.