West Ashley Man Ready To Make Female Bartender Feel Uncomfortable Tonight

A West Ashley man is ready to make his female bartender feel uncomfortable tonight when he goes out drinking. Wesley Hammond spends his evenings out at the bar at least five nights a week, targeting bars with women bartenders and saying creepy, stalker-like things until he skeeves them out.

Wesley is well-known at all the West Ashley bars as a shitty tipper who not only creeps out female bartenders, but also the surrounding patrons until they go somewhere else. 50-year-old Wesley generally shows up at 7pm in a wrinkled denim shirt and drinks the cheapest draft beer available until the bar closes, making unwelcomed advances and lustful looks to the bartender all night. When the bar is ready to close, he leaves his standard two-dollar gratuity before riding his scooter home.

West Ashley bartender Laura Lewis said Wesley made her shudder last night. “He was only on his second beer when he told be we’re an awesome couple together in a parallel universe. Gross. He’s even scaring away my high-tipping regulars. Why can’t he just hang out at Hooters like all the other creepers in town?”

Wesley said he’s laying the groundwork for a long-term relationship. “I’m telling you, I’m really close to making one of these bartenders my live-in girlfriend. I’m breaking down their walls with my sweet comments and affectionate facial expressions. They totally want me. I can feel it. I can’t wait to share my studio apartment at Spanish Oaks with them.”

Wesley will be thrown off his game when the bar he shows up at tonight swaps out the female bartender with a dude after he orders his first drink. He’ll immediately close out his tab and ride his scooter up and down Hwy 17 until he finds another female bartender.