Toddler Announces He Has to Poop Two Minutes After Arriving at Folly Beach

A family beach outing came to a grinding halt on Saturday morning when their youngest son announced that he had to poop. Kevin and Tammy Pollard had just finished anchoring their canopy tent when three-year-old Tyler told them he was about to crap his pants, which sent his parents into a panicked search for the nearest bathroom option.

Kevin and Tammy had initially planned on going to the County Park section of Folly Beach for this very reason, but instead decided to go to a more hip area by 3rd Street East where the young people hangout. Faced with this poop emergency and no bathrooms in site, Kevin had to rush Tyler to the nearest bathroom while Tammy stayed behind with the other children.

Tammy said this happens quite a bit with Tyler. “He always does this,” he said. “We ask him if he has to poop every time we’re about to leave the house, and every time he automatically he says no, even though I can see it in his eyes that he does. I shouldn’t have fed him all those peas this morning.”

Kevin swiftly whisked his son away in search of the nearest bathroom, ultimately deciding on Blu Restaurant & Bar, where he had to push his way through barely-clothed dancing co-eds on the party deck to reach the bathroom. Kevin placed his son on the toilet in the nick of time so Tyler could finish his business.

The emergency was thought to be over until Kevin realized there was no toilet paper in the bathroom.

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