Severe Golf Cart Accident On Daniel Island Results In Spilled Mojito

A severe golf cart accident on Daniel Island today resulted in a spilled Mojito drink. Authorities have shut down roads surrounding the crime scene as the CSI team investigates what went wrong, and how a devastating spill like this can be avoided in the future.

Detective Weldon Bettis described the horrific scene. “We have a made-from-scratch Mojito that has been fully spilled and is a total loss,” he said. “With the speed of the collision, no one could have held a drink securely. And now both golf carts have minor damage, which may result in them being out of service for golf tomorrow. It’s a monumental tragedy all around.”

Theresa Walton was driving her golf cart at a safe speed and taking a sip of her freshly-made Mojito at the time of the accident. She was struck by another golf cart carrying eight young boys who had just removed the speed regulator from their golf cart and were trying to do some “savage” wheelies. Theresa said, “I only got to take one sip of that Mojito. And I freshly ground the mint leaves and everything. I guess I have to make another one. This is so awful.”

12-Year-Old Bryce Stanton was driving the other golf cart and has been ruled at-fault in the accident. “If that lady wasn’t in the way, we would have pulled that wheelie off,” he said. “We’ll just try it again after my parents fix it.” Bryce and his friends then made fart noises every time the police turned around.

Theresa will avoid criminal charges after using one of her pre-paid DUI bribe credits.