North Charleston Couple Celebrates Romantic Dinner With Bottle of Colt 45

A North Charleston couple celebrated their common law marriage anniversary by enjoying a romantic dinner and sharing a classic bottle of Colt 45. Keith and Jada Henderson parked their 2005 Chevy Cavalier fitted with color-changing LED lights on the bottom in the VIP parking spot at the restaurant to let everyone know it was a very special and classy occasion for them.

The couple arrived at Kaviar & Wingz for their 7:30pm reservation and were seated at the chef’s table, located away from the walk-up takeout window. The couple enjoyed mozzarella sticks with extra alfredo sipping sauce before ordering the finest bottle of Colt 45 the restaurant offered. The couple savored the libation while making plans for a romantic getaway to Myrtle Beach.

Malt Liquor Sommelier Vince Pemberton was responsible for the recommendation. “It was a special night, so I served them a 1987 40-ounce bottle of Colt 45 from our reserve. The bottle came from the finest era of Colt 45–the Billy Dee Williams years. I’m glad the couple could enjoy it and get a mean buzz on.”

Keith spared no expense for their special celebration. “I sold twenty bags of fake weed to pay for everything tonight. Jada and I enjoy the finer things, that’s why we ordered well-done steaks with a ketchup topper. When my part-time car stereo accessories business takes off, I’m going to buy her a promise ring at the pawn shop.”

When Keith and Jada return home, they will engage in a drunken-fight about who smoked the last menthol cigarette. It will require intervention from the police, who will beg them for the 200th time to end their relationship and live separately. The couple will reconcile again and cap their evening off by making love while listening to Drake’s music playing on an iPhone 6 with a cracked screen.