Mt. Pleasant Woman With Too Much Botox Inadvertently Wins Scariest Costume Contest

A Mount Pleasant woman with too much Botox inadvertently won the scariest costume party at her neighborhood Halloween party. Lisa Kingston was voted the unanimous winner, even though she wasn’t wearing a costume.

Lisa arrived at the party an hour after it started and bumped her Toyota Sequoia into a few other cars while trying to park. Because she was running late, she didn’t have enough time to stop at home and put on her slutty referee costume.

Lisa was confused by the honor. “I don’t understand what’s going on. One minute I’m sipping on a keto-friendly cosmo, and the next minute everyone starts cheering and shoving a trophy in my hand. How can I win when I’m not even wearing a costume?”

Party attendee George Farrow was impressed with how scary she looked. “That mask she wore was horrifying. I totally jolted when I saw her tight, motionless face. It was like Leatherface meets Hellraiser meets Annabelle. She could be the star of her own new horror franchise.”

Lisa also drooled a few sips of her cosmopolitan cocktail on her shirt when the Botox prevented her from completely closing the right side of her mouth. Lisa will also be confused when she makes children scream and scatter at the neighborhood Christmas party.