Mt. Pleasant Couple Doing a Great Job of Hiding Their Crippling Financial Debt

A Mt. Pleasant couple has been doing an admirable job of concealing the massive financial debt they’ve taken on to maintain the Mt. Pleasant lifestyle. With two luxury SUV payments, a house in Park West they can’t afford, and $86,000 in credit card debt, Rick and Barbara Grant are on the brink of financial collapse. They’ve been popping Prozac pills like candy to keep smiles on their faces so the neighbors won’t suspect anything is wrong.
Rick Grant has been quietly regretting recent purchases to himself. “Why the hell did we buy a brand new golf cart?” he said. “We don’t even play golf. But the Anderson family next door got one, then everyone on the street started buying them, and we didn’t want to look like we couldn’t afford it, so we got one too. Oh, God…I can’t even afford my golf cart payment now.” Rick then cried into the sleeve of his Vineyard Vines sweater.
Neighbor Skip Anderson is secretly hiding his overwhelming financial debt too. “We couldn’t afford our golf cart either because we’re leveraged in debt up to our eyebrows. So we financed it under our daughter’s name. She won’t be able to get loans for college now, but at least everyone will see we have a golf cart in our driveway.”
Financial Advisor Karen Zimmer said the financial troubles the Grants have aren’t uncommon. “It’s a vicious downward spiral when people in Mt. Pleasant view spending money like a competition and thoughtlessly buy things to keep up with the Jones’s, even if it means ruining their credit forever. These are the idiots who drive up the damn property values so high that no one else can live there without taking out massive amounts of debt like them.”

Rick is going to hide the fact that they’re about to file for bankruptcy by fake-shopping for a Harley with his friends while his wife Barbara goes to Red Drum with the girls and pretends to forget her wallet when the check comes to the table. As soon as word gets out that they’re broke, they’re going to vanish in the middle of the night and go live in Barbara’s mom’s basement in Delaware. 

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  1. Beth Schaefer | March 22, 2016 at 2:10 pm |

    It’s sad when people feel they need to keep up with the Joneses.
    There is a difference between the wants and needs. Everyone should ask, do I really need it? If not, do not buy it.
    Don’t be ashamed of saying, No! You are only affecting the ones you love and yourself, financially, not your neighbors.
    In addition, spending beyond your means is not the neighbors fault, responsibility lies on the grown-ups who bought irresponsibly. Why bring down your child’s credit, because of grown-ups recklessness, with their own financial dealing.
    Sell all things you do not “need”, because of your wants. IE. Brand new vehicles, home, golf cart and down grade to a used vehicle, move to a smaller home, and so forth. You be surprised on how much debt you will get out of! Also, being honest and humble, does not hurt. It shows how much you care about your family.
    Just a thought!

    • You realize this is a fake news story, right? I mean, I know people try to keep up with the Jones’ in real life, but this couple didn’t really sacrifice their daughter’s future credit. It’s meant as a joke.

  2. Beth, you realize this is a satire site, right.

  3. Married women in mtp are different than the rest of the lowcounty. The wives like described here (I understand its parody) always have the second/third husband radar on. I used to not understand why, because it seems to go beyond the bored/anger issues that affect so many. They aren’t super horny. It’s that they are scared and resentful of their husbands and looking for an escape pod for when it blows up. Most live off family money and are out spending how fast they are growing the capital. Interest rates are terrible and investments like stocks are flat at best the last few years. Or, they make 250k a year and spend 300k. It’s a different type of flirting they do. They only look to cheat to hurt their spouse or for another husband. It’s not getting passed around by a frat house at CofC or Brad Pitt happened to be in Target in mtp. It’s guys from other neighbroods who (appear) to have it together, or can offer them a life line to stay and keep their “dignity” while letting the house of cards fall on the husband. The part about moving into their parents house in Ohio, etc., is spot on. I known two families in Park West that have done this since July. The next recession will take a staggering toll on mtp.

  4. Lila vonLuvMuffin | March 26, 2016 at 5:24 pm |

    I lived in an upwardly mobile community in Mt P. Really enjoyed the storm water runoff retention ponds there.
    We had a strict HOA and the Bored of Dictators told me I’d have to change my hair color from auburn to sun-kissed blonde. And that I’d have to buy hair extensions so I could wear the required swinging sun-kissed blonde pony tail.
    I was pretty much ok with that. After all, who wants to draw attention to themselves by daring to be different?
    But I had to make the painful decision to sell my home and move West of the Ashley. You know how many papers you sign when you buy a house, right? Well, silly me! I neglected to note that every Mt Pee female between 25 and 45 years of age had to sport a minimum 2 carat diamond. Not a Kentucky cluster, mind you. Two carats in ONE stone. Minimim.
    Shoot, girl, between the Beamer and the house and the furniture and my hair, my poor mother had to take on a third job.
    I do love me my Momma so it’s WOTA for me now. Mind you, it’s not West Ashley but West OF THE Ashley. I’m still a woman of class, after all.

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