Mount Pleasant Struggling to Accommodate Ohio Refugees

Tensions are high in Mount Pleasant as residents are fed up with the inflow of refugees from Ohio. Looking to escape from crappy weather and disappointing professional sports teams, thousands of Ohio residents have fled their homes in the last decade to seek asylum in South Carolina. The large majority have flowed into Mount Pleasant where they have inundated apartment complexes and sports bars.

“Everywhere I look, there’s more of them,” said Mt. Pleasant Mayor Linda Page. “They’re like friggin Gremlins. Toss some water on them and five of their family members show up with a U-Haul truck full of furniture.”

Local residents are doing their best to be understanding, but they can’t contain their frustrations any longer. “I feel bad for them, I really do,” said local resident Matt Vaughn. “I can’t imagine how much it must have sucked living in Cleveland your entire life, but there are too many of them here now. There’s more Buckeye fans on my block than Gamecock fans. It’s irritating.”

Some local businesses are so fed up, they’ve banned Ohioans from their establishments altogether. One local deli owner said, “If I see one more LeBron jersey, I’m gonna barf. And it’s called a Coke, not a pop. Learn our language down here or go back to where you came from.”

The general consensus is the refugee crisis won’t slow down anytime soon. Red Cross Regional Director Anna Paige said, “The more the Cleveland Browns lose and make bad draft picks, the more they want to come down here. The people of Mount Pleasant will just have to deal with it.”


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  1. Captain Obvious | January 6, 2016 at 2:05 am |

    If Trump were president, we could just build a wall against Ohioans…and make Ohio pay for it! Problem fixed!

    • lol lol lol lol ur a joke and so is Donald Trump #clowns

    • I’m a Charleston native who joined my husband in NE Ohio for a 2 year consulting gig. Nearly 16 years ago! UGH. It is hard to complain knowing he ended up as president of the company & made enough money for us to build our dream home on one of Charleston’s beautiful rivers. I spend as much time in Charleston as possible. My family is here including 3 grand babies.
      A couple years ago I took my niece to Stella Nova for a birthday mani pedi. We were waiting in the spa’s inner lobby. There were 4 other ladies waiting as well. We couldn’t help over hearing the conversation between them about the fact they didn’t know each other but thru conversation figured out they were all from Ohio! My niece and I shared a knowing glance but didn’t say a word. It was just too weird!!!

    • Moral of the story, Captain Oblivious, oops I mean Captain Obvious, the road goes both ways. The part of Ohio I “live” in is beautiful & the people as warm as any of my SC friends or family. I’ve always thought the ultimate lifestyle would be a house in SC for the winter and a place in Ohio for the oh so hot Charleston Summer! Bu Yow Capt Oblivious!

  2. Jackie Cruz | January 6, 2016 at 2:44 am |

    It seems to be annoying, however, what if it was us in that situation looking for refuge and safety within our country.. is all temporary. We ought to give a hand today. It could be us tomorrow. .. just st saying

  3. Pauline Utter | January 6, 2016 at 3:51 am |

    I agree 100% with jackie Cruz…. People grow a heart.

  4. People are not refugees in there own country; with global warming/last days everyone needs to get prepared for permanent visitors

  5. Please tell me this is a fucking joke because the ignorance in this is unreal. Then again its Mount Pleasant, and the high dollar assholes are known for this kind of attitude so I’m not really surprised.

  6. Carol B Privette | January 6, 2016 at 5:17 am |

    In addition to Buckeyes increasing numbers……….the local banks have been enjoying a huge increase in $$$$$$ in their vaults!!! Hmmmm…..Not so bad after all!!

  7. Heyy I moved from Cleveland 15 yrs ago an we ain’t refugees lol we just migrating

  8. Ya’ll do understand this is fake news right?

  9. Someone please tell Makaila what FAUX is. But then again, this is the same level of intellectual horsepower that got the current president elected.

  10. Jay Rundbaken | January 6, 2016 at 12:39 pm |

    As long as they dont relocate to Summerville and they stay in Mt Plastic I’ll be ok with the Ohio folk.

  11. Every time I hear a pro athlete say they came from “THE Ohio State University’, I want to barf. And when I see a license plate from Ohio, I try to side swipe the car. GBTO…

  12. Chucktown Jim | January 6, 2016 at 1:10 pm |

    Faux News… Right there in the title of the page. Lol.

  13. At least yours are from Ohio. NC is infested with fikthy, loud, obnoxious creatures. You may know them better as NEW YORKERS!

    • Lisa Kindleburg | January 6, 2016 at 6:43 pm |

      Thank you! As an Ohioian I appreciate the positive comparison. As an Akronite and Charlestonian, I also loved the comment in the article about Lebron! Thanks for putting up with us. There is so much to love about the lowcountry!!!!!

    • south cakalakian | March 21, 2016 at 4:58 pm |

      At least with get a good enough education to spell “filthy”……….

  14. Dumb people make me laugh. Thanks to ignorance I’ve had a wonderful morning.

  15. Oh my gosh people, it’s called satire! Get a sense of humor.

  16. Blame it on the travel magazines, like Conde Nest, who are CONSTANTLY talking about Charleston being No. 1 in EVERYTHING. Best city, best restaurants, best this, best that. It’s infuriating what has happened to our quaint lowcountry. We are no longer the best-kept secret in the world.

  17. Carolinagirl843 | January 6, 2016 at 2:37 pm |

    People from Ohio have no sense of humor…it’s a fact

  18. As an Ohio refugee of 2003, I can’t thank Charlestonians enough for taking me in, though I found James Island instead of Mt.P. (Don’t tell the rest of the Ohioans about JI! Too many are Jackwagons – especially “THE Ohio State” ones – let them stay in Mt.P!) I still have nightmares about Ohio life – the Browns, the Bengals, the snow, the mediocre food, the lack of navigable waterways…it was horrible! I thought I’d never escape, but then I saw it – the sign on I-270 that changed my life forever, and finally gave me hope: “Folly Beach – 800 Miles”. Salvation! Thank you, Charleston.

  19. Really need to improve the background checks; make sure they have been to at least one SEC game. They should be required to sing the praises of the South, to not remind anyone how they did it in Ohio, to eat grits and Frogmore stew and to promise to provide these culinary delights to their future generations.

  20. Rising South | January 6, 2016 at 4:03 pm |

    Wow Makaila you need to chill. Someone is offended

  21. Question for Ohioans:

    Why do you all consider Mardi Grad beads a legitimate clothing accessory? Thanks.

  22. On the other hand…….there’s always truth somewhere in a statement.

  23. The Ohio State was in an SEC game last year! Alabama. Ya’ll been drinkin too much sweet tea and moonshine! I moved to the Palmetto state in 2009. I enjoyed watchin the rivalry of the Camecoks and Clemson. Was almost as good as the Ohio State – Michigan rivalry….. Nah

  24. Leavethembe | January 6, 2016 at 5:06 pm |

    Moderator: I am Charleston proud and I need something important rectified. Here in SC we use EST LIKE THE LORD INTENDED. it’s noon. Lunchtime. Not 5PM as you say it is when I’m typing. We’re not in gawdless London UK!!

  25. Cleveland Bitch | January 6, 2016 at 5:50 pm |

    I heard Johnny Manziel was seen in Mt. Pleasant sporting a red wig and mustache.

  26. The comments on this are hilarious. I also have a weird urge to sideswipe all Ohio license plates that I see

  27. fromSenecatoCuyahogaFalls | January 6, 2016 at 6:19 pm |

    The article was hilarious….the responses even better. People too dumb or too serious to appreciate the sarcasm. Typical Southerners! Good luck with the website down here:)!! Hopefully us Ohioans can bring some INTELLIGENCE to Charleston! Love it!

  28. So I thought the article was hilarious and as I tend to scroll comments…well now I want to thank some of you for the best laugh of the new year…

  29. Some people just don’t have a funny bone!
    That’s why it’s called FAUX….

  30. Go back to Ohio NOW!

  31. Got to love the butthurt Ohioans saying Southerners are dumb -_-

  32. Just kidding of course guys. i realize it’s a parody site

  33. Buckeyebabe | January 7, 2016 at 6:50 am |


  34. Straight up Goose Creek!! Funniest thing I’ve read all week!

  35. Nick Masino | January 7, 2016 at 8:30 am |

    Ohio produces some of the most educated employees in the US and South Carolina has some of the worst. Ohio outranks SC on every education list that I could find. They should be welcoming them with open arms.

  36. Thanks for the laugh. Great story!

  37. Phallus Maximus | January 7, 2016 at 11:07 am |

    Bwahahahahahahahah! Some of you folks need to develop a critical eye for reading. “Humor” page. Don’t go straight up, straight outta Hanahan on us!

  38. I get the satire. But it’s just become an old and tired joke. I’m one of these “refugees”, and I’ve been here for a year now. For the most part, people here have been great and friendly. But goddamn if I had a dime for every person who tells me there are so many people here from Ohio. Funny thing is, I’ve met 100x as many people who actually say that than actual other Ohioans.

    To be honest, there is legit animosity among some people here. Just look at all the stupid, tired jokes, but better yet read the comments. It’s not hard to read between the lines. The best part about all of it though, is when I ask in return, “well where are you from?”. And the response 90% of the time isn’t Mount Pleasant or Charleston. NC, NY, GA, PA, IN, other parts of SC, and yes, OH. This is a melting pot town. To those that can’t handle that, get over yourself and you go back to whatever hole you came from, because chances are you aren’t from here either.

    • Allow me to emphasize, I love it here and the people are great, but the joke is just OLD. 🙂

    • A concerned citizen | January 8, 2016 at 7:16 am |

      Don’t group South Carolinians into this. They are in their state. You are not. NC, GA, FL…There is a huge cultural recognizance there, however tested, between us.

      For all intents and purposes, you may as well be from the moon. You don’t make the rules just because you moved here.

    • A concerned citizen | January 8, 2016 at 7:43 am |

      Also, because your little self-gratifying post has irked me beyond belief, let me point out another thing… You can call it a “melting pot” all you want, but just because thousands of your fellow Ohioans have relocated here doesn’t make it a melting pot, it makes it a sneakily unwelcoming oasis for people too dumb to recognize the patronizing undertones when they visit.

  39. Obviously some people don’t understand satire. By the way, it’s Ohioans not Ohions. It’s funny and I am a 16 year resident of Mt Pleasant from Ohio!

  40. Yea, in 75 years when Mt Pleasant is under water, everyone will move somewhere else.

    • A concerned citizen | January 8, 2016 at 7:28 am |

      Underwater will be a rather dignified resting place for her after you couthless Midwesterners have your way and have moved on to another promising locale to destroy

  41. A concerned citizen | January 8, 2016 at 5:39 am |

    Ok, satire or not, The Charleston area has become overcrowded to the point of unpleasantness and borderline trashiness, and it’s due in large part to Ohioans.

    So, yeah, thanks for bringing your money and education, or whatever else it is you pat yourselves on the back for…All we see and hear are your minivans, disrespectful, holier-than-thou attitudes(while in our state nonetheless) and lack of culture…So don’t complain when we don’t like you.

    PS, screaming O-H in a bar doesn’t do anything to help your case, it just substantiates our opinions of you.
    PPS, learn how to operate a boat if you’re going to be on our waterways.
    PPPS, don’t refer to yourself as a Charlestonian, or South Carolinian. You’re FROM Ohio. It’s incredibly insulting.

    • we from ny who quietly assimilate, with an acumen for indulging into identifyingly unique culture, clash with this refugee surge, destroying pleasantnesses, like nature, parks, wildlife refuges like trees and marsh. pavement and runoff are as unwelcomed as college football, to a new yorker, who just wanted to retreat from overcrowding, traffic, waiting in line. HA!

  42. John Jeffcoat | January 8, 2016 at 7:20 am |

    Unbelievable! All of these “educated” folks that are too stupid to understand this entire article is a parody from a fake news site.

  43. Buckeye Lawman in Charleston | January 8, 2016 at 10:42 am |

    Love the article. But after hearing the same line for the past 15 years that I have been in Charleston, it does get old. Reality is that there are more people from Florida, North Carolina & New York in South Carolina than Ohio. It could always be worse tho… Imagine if BAMA fans were everywhere?
    keep up the great writing! I enjoyed the laugh.

    • Bama and Ohio State have a pretty much identical fanbase. Both groups are crude, trashy, and overwhelming in numbers.

      Although I will say Bama fans tend to be a little less in your face and more smug, whereas the alternative is very confrontational and abrasive. Ohio State fans have an affinity for jerseys, Mardi Gras beads, and yelling profanities around children.

      Plus Bama is a Southern school, so they get a pass. Ohio fans can get lost.

  44. Next thing they’ll be bitching about us NORTHERNERS I went to Mount Pleasant right after I moved here and Lord knows I thought it reminded me of the town I left. I’m sure it was a great town like Westport years ago but progress ruins it and the people that re-locate there, mess it up and then leave, they should quit being so self righteous and never forget we ALL BLEED THE SAME BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. At least we Ohioans and show you guys how to drive and how to have a great working environment. And for the record it coke you horse wagons it’s call soda pop so technically it can be call pop. Also if LBJ was here in South Carolina you guys would be all worshiping him.

    • Island boy | April 1, 2016 at 7:49 am |

      If you have such a great working environment, why is industry FLEEING from Ohio and forcing the migrations to paradise ?

  46. Get a grip ppl. This was satire.

  47. Hilarious!

  48. Never will be a Charlestonian | January 9, 2016 at 10:22 pm |

    This is satire but hits on the truth. After living in Mt P for 10 years, I had to get out of there. The only high point of Charleston, besides the beautiful locale, is the people “from off” (that’s what they call anyone not from there when they think you’re not in ear shot). Someone needs to tell people from Charleston that Ohioans move there DESPITE the residents and “culture” (ie, Wildlife Expo showcasing pictures of animals South Carolinians want to kill. Seriously! Look it up). People from Cleveland, please come to your senses and move on. Move farther south to Florida where natives don’t judge you because you can read and do math. O-H mo’fo’s!

    • I hate to tell you but there are no native Floridians left…js

    • Hilarious! Are you claiming that Floridians can do math? Every 4 years during a presidential election they collectively demonstrate they can’t.

  49. Low Country is not and will not ever be the
    Same again. It is screwed !
    I beg y’all to show some respect and take
    The Palmetto tree the hell out of your
    Ohio decal. That is wrong !!!! And y’all know it !!!
    Oh and one more request…..
    Go home please!!! For Gods sakes !

  50. As long as they: don’t impregnate our women, pay their taxes and don’t “do it like they did in Ohio.” I’m fine with them living in Mt. Pleasant. Just keep them off the waterways unless accompanied by a local native. They will hit every oyster bank from Stono River to Cape Romain!

  51. Diving Duck | January 20, 2016 at 9:59 pm |

    Simply place a roundabout at the end of the I-73 connector and funnel them back north. Problem solved.

  52. If this is true then where’s the Skyline?? No True Ohioan can live long without their Skyline chili.

  53. The Logical One | March 24, 2016 at 12:07 am |

    People are so serious. The article was funny, but the comments are tasteless. As a Mount Pleasant native who has also lived in Miami, New York, Scottsdale and Fairfield County CT, I have to say that some of the current MTP population needs to get over themselves. There are “Mount Pleasants” all over the country.

    It annoys me when people call Mount Pleasant “Mount Plastic” or “The Money Mount” because some of the most down to earth, kind, educated and equipped people I know are also from here. Anyone happen to notice how well the children who grew up in Mount Pleasant in the 80s are doing? South Carolina schools may be awful, but that isn’t the case in Mount Pleasant and we are crushing it. The economy welcomes us just as Mount Pleasant natives should be welcoming others– they’ve helped to make Mount Pleasant a nice place to live. The reality is that we have steadily been weeding out some of the nastiest and most disgusting, vile, racist natives since ’89. And good riddance. Be glad Ohioans (and NYers) have replaced them. It could’ve been Californians.

  54. Steve Koelzer | March 25, 2016 at 8:33 am |

    There from Ohio not Syria, so have the vet checked and if they have had their shots, just take their money. You will live throught it, and prosper. I’m from NE and came here to work, found the area and people so inviting that I came back to stay, so see it’s yer fault.

  55. 10th generation CHS | March 25, 2016 at 9:00 pm |

    People from off are welcome here (we’re a port city and have been receiving a steady stream of immigrants for centuries) AS LONG AS you are polite and make efforts to assimilate properly. You came to us, we didn’t pull you here. Integrate yourselves.

  56. My wife of 22 years is from Ohio (and sadly still a Browns fan). When I took her to meet my mother for the first time, a woman who is generally cordial but not embracing to those from the land of northern aggression, my mother LIKED my new bride to be. Mom said, “You know Ohio is not really the north, it’s the mid-west.” I didn’t have the heart to remind mom that Sherman was from Ohio.

  57. I’m loving the picture that came with this faux report and am wondering who paid this folks to heighten the drama of this text? ????????????‼️

  58. Winters can suck at times, but I love Ohio! I never plan to move elsewhere. That’s what vacations are for (to visit other great parts of the U.S.), but Ohio has and always will be my home. By the way, I think the article was funny, regardless of the person that said no one from Ohio had a sense of humor. Hahaha! ?

  59. I absolutely love this. Not only did the article make me giggle but the comments from people who are taking it seriously and getting their panties in a wad have me laughing so hard I am crying. Oh boy this is awesome. Y’all are great! Keep it up!

  60. Here on the Grand Strand, we have the Jersey invasion! The aren’t from NEW Jersey- just Jersey. Twenty years ago, our immigrants were mostly folks who had been stationed at the MB Air Base before retirement. If the temperature was 60 or above, we had a lot of drunk teenagers. BUT NOW, we are really getting stuffed! It’s not a melting pot either! It’s like a bunch of different ingredients thrown into a pot and they not only don’t blend they attack and repel any other kind.

    New restaurants open like Jersey Mike’s, New England Sea Food, New York Deli and sometimes North Carolina Seafood. Now who would do that? Would you go to Cleveland and open the Carolina Panther Bar ?

    However, I know why they come. We have that Southern Hospitality and Manners we show VISITORS. It is impolite to contradict a visitor so we appear stupid, because their culture doesn’t understand civility. You know that’s true, because they get out of their cars telling us what’s wrong “down here” and the next day they run for the school board! I now drive miles out of my route to stay off the main roads. Every night the paper is full of articles complaining about Southern customs like Control Burns and Sunday Drives.

    Lewis Grizzard, Southern Comedian had the best quote. He said,”Delta is ready when you are.” A good Yankee (and there are some) is somebody that you don’t even realize they aren’t from here. They don’t tell you “how they do it up North”. All I can say is “Bless their Hearts.”

  61. How funny is it that some of you are commenting on this faux news piece as if it was real news. Life gives typy what your expect, expect nice people to move here and that’s what you’ll get, I promise!

  62. Y’all, for real, this website it called FAUXcountry News! They bash local neighborhoods way more than Ohio.

  63. Southern Gal | October 20, 2016 at 3:28 pm |

    Hilarious article. True native here: Every “immigrant” to Charleston needs to this simple truth: when you pass the Mason Dixon line (or South of Border in SC) you become a SOUTHERNER and a SANDLAPPER – not a transplant Ohio, NJ, NY, etc. Yankee. Throw out your Ohio/Ohio State game day flags, ASSIMILATE or KEEP DRIVING to Florida, y’all! Bless your hearts!

  64. Shelley Bauer | November 20, 2016 at 5:04 pm |

    It will be a wonderful day when there are more of us than there is of them. I think we need to start brainstorming ideas on what we should call this place. I feel like the “low country” isn’t working. “Buckeye Country”? “Coastal Ohio”? Hmmmm???

  65. pork chop | March 8, 2017 at 9:43 am |

    GO HOME, you dirty yankee!

  66. Do you ever here of someone retiring and moving to Ohio. You have ruined most Northern city please don’t tell us how you do it back home. By the way Buckeye fans, Go Tigers

  67. I thought it was spelled 0HI0 as in 0-2 versus South Carolina and 0-3 versus Clemson in football.

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