Moncks Corner Family’s Annual Christmas Card Gives Updates On Children’s New Tattoos

A Moncks Corner family sent out their annual Christmas card highlighting their children’s new tattoos this year. The Woodham family even went to Sears to get a photo portrait of Jaden, Bryson, Breanna, and Raylene showcasing their matching tattoo sleeves to include with their card.

Mother Vickie Woodham was so proud of her children for getting such creative tattoos this year. “Those little angles braved that tattoo gun without even crying,” she said. “Their new tats look amazing. I know I’m not supposed to pick one kid or the other, but Bryson’s new YOLO tattoo across his back is just beautiful.”

Ricky Woodham discussed how his tough upbringing influenced his decision to let his children get inked up. “I wasn’t as lucky as my kids,” he said. “My daddy wouldn’t let me get a tattoo until I was 16 years old. I don’t want to raise my kids like that. If they want to get their favorite NASCAR driver immortalized on their lower back, then that’s what their gonna get.”

Ricky’s cousin Andrew in Connecticut is horrified to receive their holiday card every year. “I thought there were laws against letting kids get tattoos, but apparently there’s not,” he said. “And just when you think the kids can’t fit another tattoo, they find some open real estate to squeeze it in. How the hell am I related to these people?”

The Woodham parents are going to surprise their kids on Christmas morning by taking them to get their tongues pierced. Twelve-year-old Breanna has begun sketching out the tribal tattoo she wants to get across her face next year.

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  1. ” .. then that’s what their [THEY’RE] gonna get.”

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