Moncks Corner Explorers Set Out to Find Mythical Below-Ground Swimming Pool

A pair of Moncks Corner explorers began their journey yesterday to find a below-ground swimming pool they’ve heard about in local urban legends. Jimbo and Anna Huggins launched their expedition from the Waffle House parking lot with enough provisions to last them a week. They’re hoping to prove once and for all whether or not a below-ground pool exists.

Moncks Corner residents have all been raised to believe that swimming pools can only exist above the ground. They’re usually purchased from Walmart, filled with a garden hose, and are rarely cleaned. Most above-ground pools break within the first year when an obese cousin comes over and leans too hard on the side until it rips apart, spilling the water into the backyard. Legend has it that below-ground swimming pools are real and are protected from such tragedies, but no photographic evidence of one exists.

Jimbo said he and Anna are prepared to document the evidence should they find something. “We’re all ready to go,” he said. “If we come across anything that looks like a below-ground pool, I have my pre-paid flip phone ready to go to take pictures. I’m also going to draw a map with my Etch A Sketch so we can find it again.”

Local resident James Gorman said he’s seen an below-ground pool before. “One time I ventured deep into the woods for my nephew’s birthday party and I saw it. It’s a majestic place called Whirlin’ Waters. It’s an entire land made of pools and water slides. I keep telling everyone, but they all think I’m crazy.”

In order to find a below-ground pool, Jimbo and Anna must first make it through the treacherous lands of Goose Creek, where hungry creatures roam from Chinese buffet to Chinese buffet.

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  1. It WAS majestic!

  2. R.T. Shepherd | July 12, 2016 at 3:03 pm |

    Them Goose Creekers on those all you can eat frenzies must be somehow overcome to reach legendary Whirlin’ Waters…

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