Moncks Corner Craigslist Transaction Canceled After Buyer Turns Left at Wrong Confederate Flag

A Craigslist transaction for a paint sprayer was canceled on Friday after the buyer turned left at the wrong confederate flag in Moncks Corner. The seller, Billy-Ray White, provided directions that told the buyer to turn left at the seventh confederate flag on Monroe Drive. The buyer, Fred Bonner, accidentally turned left at the fifth confederate flag after mixing up the count and got so lost he decided to go home.

Billy-Ray White was disappointed he couldn’t sell the paint sprayer as planned. “It’s a major bummer, man,” he said. “I was going to buy an eight ball of blow and go to the titty bar. Now I’m just sitting in my trailer and watching WWE Friday Night Smackdown. It’s not what I had planned.”

Buyer Fred Bonner was frustrated by the whole experience as well. “I was trying to follow directions and track the number of confederate flags, and I totally lost count. How many damn confederate flags can one town have?”

The Berkeley County Department of Transportation advises against using confederate flags when providing directions in Moncks Corner. “Telling someone to make a turn at a confederate flag in Moncks Corner is like telling them to hang a right at the 300th blade of grass. There’s just too many. It’s better just to meet in the Hardees parking lot to complete your transactions.”

Bill-Ray was unable to reschedule the transaction for another day on account of his half-sister’s boyfriend wrecking his truck and getting arrested for a warrant out of Jacksonville. Fred will be going to Home Depot to buy a new paint gun.