Master of Disguise Hides Beer Can Inside Koozie at Folly Beach

A master of disguise concealed his beer can inside a koozie at Folly Beach today. Adam Manning’s technique for skirting around the Folly Beach alcohol ban is being hailed as a genius innovation by his peers.

On the way to the beach, Adam and his girlfriend stopped at the obnoxiously-ugly Treasure Island store to purchase the koozies. While covering their beer cans, the koozies acted like a cloak of invisibility that couldn’t be seen by anyone.

Adam touted his state-of-the-art method of deception. “The police are so stupid. Here I am drinking a beer on the beach in plain sight, and they think I’m drinking a soda. No one will ever catch me. I’m invincible!”

Folly Beach Police Officer Jane Frost disagreed with Adam’s assertion. “They’re not fooling anyone. No one rips nine sodas at the beach and has to go into the water every fifteen minutes to take a piss. Excuse me while I go serve them with a drinking ticket.”

Adam will be forced to work overtime at Enterprise Rental Cars to help pay for his $500 alcohol ticket. He’ll refuse to give up his pursuit of drinking alcohol on the beach and unveil his new cutting-edge red solo cup method next month.