Local Family Seeking Cultural Experience Really Disappointed By International Blvd

A local family seeking a cultural experience was extremely disappointed while visiting International Boulevard in North Charleston. Having just moved to the area, the Harper family was eager to see a plethora of diverse performers and shops. Instead they were treated to fast food restaurants and busy hotels.

The Harper family’s afternoon began with good intentions. Pete Harper drove the minivan while Mimi Harper quizzed their children on how to say hello in various languages. When they took the International Boulevard exit off I-526, they saw a Denny’s and knew something wasn’t right.

Pete Harper said, “I pulled over and asked someone where the international experience was. They just laughed at me and told me to check in with the embassy. It took be a minute to realize he was sarcastically referring to the Embassy Suites. I also learned that the Colosseum has no historical significance and just serves as a musical venue for falling stars to play on their way down. What a disappointment.”

Mimi Harper regretted not doing any research and just relying on the street name before taking the family there. “I thought we’d see the various ethnic groups that make up the fiber of the North Charleston community,” she said. “The TCBY and FedEx Copy and Print Shop didn’t really satisfy that for us. But we got to see some crazy, sweaty guy arguing with himself on the sidewalk, so that was interesting.”

Things seemed to be improving after the entire Harper family got Chocolate Frosties from the Wendy’s drive-thru, but Pete Harper made a wrong turn and got stuck in traffic in front of Boeing for two hours during a shift change. The Harpers hope to have a better experience when they explore the wonders of Remount Road this weekend.

3 Comments on "Local Family Seeking Cultural Experience Really Disappointed By International Blvd"

  1. R.T. Shepherd | September 29, 2016 at 12:34 pm |

    Yup. Remount Road will give them a real taste of multi-culti all right.

  2. They might go home with a new pet.

  3. Asking directions to “Montaig” Avenue wasn’t very fruitful either; they were totally unaware of the Southern-Illiterati pronunciation of Montague.

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