Guy Playing Guitar at Downtown Party Losing Ground to Dude With a Puppy

A downtown man playing his acoustic guitar at a party lost ground to the guy who brought a cute Labrador puppy. All the women abandoned Aaron and his soulful guitar music to gather around Jake and his new adorable puppy named Skeeter. Despite Aaron playing his music at a higher volume, he could not convince any ladies to return.

The downtown party was scheduled to begin at 8pm, but everyone was Charleston-late and started showing up at 9:30pm. When the party was in full swing, Aaron pulled his guitar out and began playing, quickly attracting a small crowd of women. But when Jake strolled in with his puppy ten minutes later, all the females ran to him in droves to pet it and ask what his name was.

Aaron was frustrated by his loss of chicks. “It just came out of nowhere. I was playing Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews and all the girls were digging it, then bam…he brings a puppy and they all said “Awww” and ran to him. This guy is good. I’m gonna have to step up my game and learn some John Legend songs so this doesn’t happen again.”

Jake said the puppy was all a part of his strategy. “This isn’t my puppy. It’s my sister’s. I’m just watching it for the weekend, but I might as take advantage of its chick magnet powers, right? I’m not responsible enough to have a dog of my own. I can barely keep a job and pay my bills, but the girls don’t see that. They’re blinded by the puppy’s cuteness.”

Jake’s one-night-stand will end in awkwardness when Skeeter chew’s his date’s shoes to shreds and poops on them. He’ll borrow his sister’s puppy to sway more women into sleeping with him before they discover he’s a complete loser.