Goose Creek Woman Asks Community Facebook Group Question She Could Have Googled Herself

A Goose Creek woman posted a question to the entire Goose Creek Facebook resident group that she could have easily answered herself by just googling it. Crystal Lee Vickers requested assistance in discovering the hours of operations for the local fast food restaurant Hardees and doubled down on the urgency of this query by stating “serious answers only”.

Crystal wanted to know if Hardees was open before she drove her heavily-dented 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse to the drive-thru because her gas light has been on for three days and she didn’t want to waste fuel. It’s the 57th time this year that Crystal has asked a question to the entire group that she could have easily answered herself with only 5 seconds of effort.

Crystal then became combative in the comments section with every single person who suggested she look it up herself. She wrote, “U don’t know me or my son Jayden. U dunno know what I’ve been thru. Don’t judge me! I’m a independent, edukated woman and I’ll ask for Hardees hours wheneva I want!”

Goose Creek resident Danny Blevins vented his frustration over Crystal’s post. “For the love of Christ…just go to Google, type ‘Hardees hours’ and hit enter. It’s the first damn thing that comes up. It will even show you a bar chart of the busiest times of the day. How frickin’ lazy can you be?”

Crystal will draw the ire of the community Facebook group when she asks for assistance with finding a job that’s within 1,000 feet of her home, only requires 8 hours of work per week, and provides full benefits. She’ll then move for the 8th time in six years because she can’t handle the drama where she’s at.