Folly Beach Surfers Ready To Shred Some One Foot Tall Waves

A trio of surfers are preparing to hit the water and surf the extremely mild tide at Folly Beach today. Travis, Logan, and Will are known amongst their friends for speaking in surfing terminology and acting like total beach badasses. Now they’re heading out to Folly Beach to tame some light surf.

The three young men spent the morning taking selfies in their wetsuits and posting them on Instagram with surf lingo hashtags included. They’ll soon hop into the sticker-covered Toyota 4-Runner Logan’s parents bought for him and drive to The Washout where they’ll comment about how awesome the waves are today, even though they’re barely breaking.

“Usually I catch a wicked one footer that carries me about five feet before I fall down,” said Travis. “This summer I’m going to spend some of my Christmas money and take a trip out to Hawaii. I’ve heard those Maui waves are killer.”

Maui-based surf expert Loki Inua said it would be a horrible idea for them to travel to Hawaii to surf. “Please don’t send us any more yuppie white boys who think they can surf. We end up having to save them when they wipeout and have a panic attack. It’s really annoying.”

Travis, Logan, and Will are looking forward to hurricane season when they will get super stoked when a named storm approaches the Carolina coast, then be too scared to actually get in the rough water, but still lead everyone to believe they did.

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  1. UnFoRgIvIn | April 5, 2016 at 8:30 pm |

    Those are skim boards

  2. UnFoRglvln is right, those are skim boards, but it’s still funny as hell!

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