FEMA Responds to Summerville Family Who Can’t Find Their Child’s iPad Charger

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was deployed to a Summerville family who couldn’t locate their son’s iPad charger. The Hester family was able to avoid near tragedy when their son Billy was able to receive an emergency relief charger before he lost contact with YouTube.

FEMA responded to the emergency call via helicopter within 15 minutes. Rescuers plugged in Billy’s iPad with a replacement charger and delivered a 12-pack of citrus Trulys to calm his parents’ nerves. Mom and Dad were able to continue binge-watching Netflix undisturbed for the rest of the night.

Blair Hester, the mother, described the harrowing events. “We noticed that Billy’s iPad was down to 2%, and the charger was nowhere to be found. It was awful. I knew that if the iPad completely died, he’d want to start talking to me and ask me to cook snacks. I was so scared. Also, certified Apple chargers cost like five million dollars, so we were doomed. Thank God FEMA came to the rescue.”

FEMA deputy Mike Murray was happy to help. “We know first-hand how shattered a family can be when iPads run out of battery. If kids aren’t steadily fed video content from Dude Perfect, Ryan’s ToyReviews, DanTDM, and JoJo Siwa, they start to get cranky and lose their shit. We’re dedicated to protecting parental sanity no matter how dangerous the conditions are.”

The Hester family will be surprised when they find out dad accidentally had the charger in his work bag the whole time. FEMA will be forced to respond to the Hester house next month when the iPad is locked for 87 years after 3 failed login attempts.