Edisto Beach Family Survives 42 Day Journey to West Ashley to Get Supplies

An Edisto Beach family recently survived a treacherous 42-day-long journey to West Ashley to secure more supplies for survival after being unable to get them on the Island itself. Jeremiah and Anna Robinson have finally returned back home with daughter Henrietta after setting out on horse & wagon several weeks ago.
The journey got off to a rough start, with Henrietta losing her left leg to a bear attack while camping on Edisto Island on the first night of their journey.  Matters worsened when someone stole all the wheels off the wagon while they cooked some baked beans over a campfire in Hollywood. “We were just out gathering some firewood and when we came back the wheels were gone and the wagon was set up on cinder blocks,” said Anna. Luckily, Jeremiah was able to purchase an identical set of wagon wheels from two enterprising young gentlemen named Fast D and Trigga Wolf, only delaying their journey by one day.
The family was delighted by the warm welcome they received from locals when they reached West Ashley town limits. “Everyone we saw was celebrating our arrival,” said Jeremiah. “As soon as we got our horse & wagon on Highway 17 in West Ashley, the townspeople honked their car horns and waved their middle fingers at us. That must be a gesture of welcoming in these parts.”
The Robinsons enjoyed a feast at Senior Tequila’s tavern, where they treated themselves to copious amounts of cheese dip and enchiladas. They were able to secure provisions at Target and T.J. Maxx, and were even able to fashion a peg leg for Henrietta with a baseball bat they purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods. “She’ll be better than new after that bear attack,” said Jeremiah. “We just have to hope a beaver or termites don’t get to it.”
After loading the wagon full, the Robinsons were able to travel all the way back to Edisto Beach without incident. The trip was considered a success, until Anna realized she forgot to buy tampons after unloading the supplies. Jeremiah was last seen rolling his eyes while riding the horse & wagon back out of town.

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  1. R.T. Shepherd | August 2, 2016 at 6:48 pm |

    It’s a treacherous way to go from Esisto to West Ash tray, I mean Costcoville

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