Daniel Island Family Gets Into The Holiday Spirit By Watching Laborers Put Up Their Christmas Lights

A Daniel Island family got into the holiday spirit today by watching their minimum wage-paid laborers putting up Christmas lights on their oversized house. The Walters family huddled together wearing wool hats and drinking hot cocoa as a crew of men worked hard to scale the house and get their precious Christmas lights into place.

Bill and Amy Walters really wanted to do something special for their two young boys this year, but didn’t really feel like doing any work to achieve it. So they called the crew of guys that normally cuts down the bushes around the marsh behind their house and asked them to go buy some lights and put them on the house. Juan Rodriguez and his crew have been climbing ladders and crawling across a dangerously pitched roofline to give the Walters exactly what they want.

Amy Walters said she was so happy they could spend some quality family time together. “It was so much fun for all of us to see the lights going up and talk about what everyone wanted Santa to bring them this year,” she said. “Then we went inside and went back to all playing on our iPhones in separate rooms like we normally do. We probably won’t spend time together again until Christmas morning when we give the boys both the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro.”

Bill Walters became frustrated with the laborers and had to correct their actions at one point. “Things were going great until Juan wasn’t willing to stand with two feet on the top rung of the ladder, complaining about it being risky or something,” he said. “I don’t care if you think your life is in danger. I want to see Christmas lights along the entire roof line, so make it happen. That’s what I’m paying you for.”

Laborer Juan Rodriguez was delighted that they were able to finish the work without anyone getting hurt. “I can’t stand rich, whiny white people,” he said. “We worked our butts off and they only paid us $20 each. Now I don’t feel bad about drinking all the good beer from their garage fridge when they weren’t paying attention.”

4 Comments on "Daniel Island Family Gets Into The Holiday Spirit By Watching Laborers Put Up Their Christmas Lights"

  1. Can I have Juan’s phone number? Have some lights that need to go up and they won’t get there by themselves.

  2. Michael Ross | December 3, 2016 at 9:07 am |

    I finally realized who was stealing my beer. I kept asking my son and he kept saying no one I realize now it e was a question Know Juan?

  3. Ya’ll think that’s funny but without people like them you wouldn’t have a f****** place to put lights up at or a room to play your iPhone. I had a buddy standing on top run and ladder fell backwards leg got caught in the 2 top runs broke his leg that was trapped in the ladder when he hit the ground, bone punctured his major artery then it punctured out of his skin couldn’t get anybody to help him and he bleed to death in about 5 minutes. So think before say something or how bout you try getting up there next time if your man enough.

  4. I cannot believe that so many douchebags cannot understand this is a faux (i.e. FAKE) news site. If this many easily offended fools are living amongst us in the Lowcountry then we are is sad shape.

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