Daniel Island Dad Demands Instant Replay Review at 7-Year-Old Son’s Soccer Game

A Daniel Island father brought a 7-year-old soccer game to a grinding halt this weekend when he demanded that his son’s shot on goal be reviewed on instant replay. Tim Dugan marched his Tevas right in the middle of the field, throwing a tantrum and ordering everything to stop until his son was credited with scoring a goal, even though it was abundantly clear the shot bounced off the goal post.

Dugan demanded to speak with an official so the play could be reviewed in the replay booth. When he realized 7-year-old soccer games don’t have referees, he demanded that video footage from his wife’s iPhone be entered as evidence in the case. Dugan has a documented history of being overly-aggressive during Daniel Island sports leagues and yelling at people who don’t live up to his standard of athletic excellence.

Sports Psychologist Angela Harmon said this type of bitter behavior is usually a symptom of larger problems. “When someone acts like an epic douchebag at sporting events as we see in this example, chances are they sucked at their sports when they were a kid and they’re desperately trying to make up for it. There’s also a 99.7% chance he suffers from micro-penis.”

The coach of the opposing team Fred Bilson wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. “At first I thought it was a joke, because seriously…who wears Tevas anymore?” he said. “But then he kept forcing the issue and shoving his wife’s phone in my face. After twenty minutes, we just let him have the goal. He needs that goal in his life way more than anybody else.”

Dugan is expected to play in the men’s softball league this Sunday morning, where he’ll scream at his teammates for dropping fly balls and cry in his car after losing.

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