Clemson Football Fan Knows An Uncomfortable Amount of Information About The New Recruiting Class

A Clemson football fan is thoroughly creeping out his friends by knowing way too much information about the new recruiting class. Matt Hensien has spent almost every waking hour monitoring Clemson recruiting websites and message boards to learn everything he can. The result is Matt knowing a disturbing amount of details about the new recruits that has nothing to do with football.

Matt shared his excitement for a new recruit signing that occurred earlier that morning. “Tyler McDonough is a great pick-up at wide receiver,” he said. “He can run a 4.3 second 40-yard dash and he likes to sleep on his left side with a fan on in the background.”

Matt also knows every recruit’s birthday, their parents’ names, their parents’ occupations, what their blood type is, and what preschools they went to. Some of the information is readily available on Clemson recruiting message boards, but the other things Matt knows have been discovered through an unhealthy amount of research.

Matt’s co-worker and fellow Clemson fan, Jenny, said the things he shares give her the creeps. “We were chatting by the water cooler and I said I heard the Tigers signed a four-star defensive tackle,” she said. “All of a sudden, Matt starts telling me where the guy’s hidden birthmark is. How the hell does he even know that?”

Matt has already begun gathering information about the potential 2017 Clemson recruits by catfishing them on Twitter.