Woman Accepts Miserable, Crappy Job So She Can Live In Charleston

A 30-year-old woman accepted an offer for a miserable job this morning just so she could live in the Charleston area. Cindy Halloran is leaving her job as a Computer Engineer in Pittsburgh and taking a job at a Charleston supermarket, where she’ll be offering free mustard samples.

Cindy is experiencing the standard drop in standards and self-worth that everyone goes through once they move to Charleston. The lack of employment opportunities coupled with how awesome the Charleston area is forces people to accept crappy paying jobs doing things well below their ability level. This creates a paradox where highly-skilled brain surgeons end up waiting tables at Hyman’s Seafood.

Cindy said the transition will be rough. “I’m selling most of my things so I move into a 400 square foot studio apartment with no air conditioning that costs $1500 per month,” she said. “It’s going to suck bigtime, but at least I get to rip some beers on the beach every weekend.”

Economist John Franklin said the Charleston job market is quite challenging. “All the good jobs are locked up because everyone and their mom wants to live in Charleston,” he said. “I once thought of moving my family to Charleston, but the only job I was offered was the discount wheel spinner at Shoe Carnival, and I was like ‘Fuck that!'”

Cindy’s new boss, Supermarket Manager Tim Wilson, said he understands what she is going through. “I was a tech CEO in Silicon Valley, but when I moved to Charleston, the only job I could get was managing a supermarket. But it’s okay though, because now I live down the street from Taco Boy, so it’s totally worth it.”

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  1. R.T. Shepherd | July 25, 2016 at 11:16 am |

    So this explains the topsey-turvey job market in Charleston! Dang…

  2. dumbass

  3. Bertie McGucken | July 27, 2016 at 8:26 am |

    And once you accept that job you can never leave!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If I could have anyone serving me food at Hyman’s Seafood, it would definitely be a brain surgeon.

  5. Only funny because it is true!

  6. I wish i could afford to live by the Taco Boy!

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