West Ashley Woman Hopes New Neck Tattoo Will Improve Her Life

A West Ashley woman is putting all hope into a new neck tattoo to turns things around in her life. Staci Hylton just sunk every last cent of what was left in her checking account into getting a new neck tattoo, even though she had other bills to pay.

This is the fifth time that Staci has elected get a new tattoo on short notice without putting much thought into the process. Despite being late on almost every payment she needs to make including her car, she spent every dollar she had on a new tattoo of three chain links on the back of her neck.

Staci was confident that the tattoo was the missing piece in her life. “It’s like a metaphor for my life right now,” she said. “I need to stay strong like a chain. I actually wanted five chain links, but I didn’t have enough money, so I had to settle for three.” Staci posted fifteen pictures of her new tattoo on Facebook, irking those she still owes money to.

Human Resources Consultant Fiona Carlton said that neck tattoos may not be the best option when it comes to impressing a potential employer. “Neck tattoos don’t help you as much as they make you look like a straight-up felon,” she said. “The first impression is you killed someone to gain entry into a prison gang.”

Staci is already drawing up plans for embellishing her new chain tattoo on her neck. “I want to add the Japanese symbol for “strong” right below it,” she said. She’s currently drawing out the sketch on the back of her eviction notice.

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  1. Of Course it’s Staci with an “i”. She was doomed from the start.

  2. Surrounded by retards | April 19, 2016 at 11:24 am |

    How the hell is Jimbo any better than Staci with an “i”?? Typical Charleston trash.

  3. You two know it’s called fauxcountrynews.com, right?

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