West Ashley Man Dominating Jeopardy Teen Week From His Living Room

A middle-aged West Ashley man is elated this week as his total domination of Jeopardy Teen Week continues. Wesley Pratt hasn’t gotten a single question wrong and has mistaken it for brilliance because he doesn’t seem to realize the questions are easier for the teens.

“I can’t lose this week,” said Wesley. “Shows on Netflix? Nailed it. Popular Soda Brands? Boom! Words That Rhyme? Cleared the board. I’m unstoppable. Anyone who’s ever told me that my West Ashley High School education sucks clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

Wesley’s wife, Corrine, doesn’t want to disappoint him by letting him know the topics are easier, so she’s playing along by praising him. “He’s having so much fun shouting all the questions at the TV before Alex even finishes the answers. I don’t have the heart to tell him the truth, so I’m just clapping and cheering him on.”

When Wesley determined he would have won over a million dollars so far this week had he been on the show, he started researching Sullivan’s Island homes for sale on Zillow. He also got halfway through filling out the Jeopardy online application before falling asleep on the couch with his laptop on his belly.

Wesley is expected to come back down to earth when the Tournament of Champions begins next week and he goes back to answering only 3% of the questions.

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