Vigilante Shrimp-Man to Fight Corruption in Mt. Pleasant Town Council

Urban legend has it that a half-man half-crustacean creature has been lurking in the waters of Shem Creek for years. These tall tales were laughed off by locals as myth, but now that shadowy figure has revealed himself to fight for justice. With the Mount Pleasant town council being infiltrated by evil villains hell-bent on stealing local land through the use of eminent domain, an armed superhero, Shrimp-Man, has emerged from the darkness to protect the innocent people of Mount Pleasant.

Shrimp-Man made his presence known for the first time on Wednesday afternoon when appraisers showed up at Shem Creek to estimate the value of the land the town would be seizing. Their plans were thwarted when Shrimp-Man burst out of the waters of Shem Creek and attacked the appraisers by repeatedly pinching them. The appraisers tried to fight back, but their punches were no match for Shrimp-Man’s Kevlar-reinforced exoskeleton. Just as the police arrived, Shrimp-Man dove back into Shem Creek and disappeared.

Not much is known about Shrimp-Man, although rumors are circulating that he trained with The League of Oysters, an underwater group of deadly assassins. Based on witness descriptions of Shrimp-Man’s highly-advanced exoskeleton suit, he must be someone with access to vast financial resources.

Local CEO of GloboPort Luke Payne, who assumed his family’s corporate empire after his parents died in a horrific shrimping accident thirty years ago, thinks the rogue crime fighter is standing up for the people. “I’m definitely not Shrimp-Man, so I don’t know what he’s thinking. But if I had to guess, I’d say he’s sticking up for the good people of Mt. Pleasant so they don’t have to fear grumpy old farts who want to abuse their power to push their own agendas.”

Mt. Pleasant Mayor Linda page is hopeful that Shrimp-Man will return and fight against the corruption that has plagued the town council. “He’s a beacon of hope for the people,” she said. “We’ve designed a spotlight to shine a shrimp into the night sky of Mt. Pleasant when we need his help. I’m confident he’s going to defeat the evil cronies on the town council and restore the power back to the people and local business owners, where it belongs.”