Tourists Disappointed To Discover Blossom is Not a Tribute Bar For the 90’s Sitcom

A married couple visiting from Sheboygan, Wisconsin was disappointed to learn that the downtown restaurant Blossom was not, in fact, a tribute bar to the 90’s hit sitcom with the same name. John and Carol Wiggins even memorized the show’s intro dance sequence to impress patrons with their love of the series.

John and Carol have been huge fans of the show Blossom since it premiered in 1990. “We’ve watched the entire series a dozen times,” said Carol. “That Blossom is smart and funny, and her friend Six is a real sassy pants. They’re like salt and pepper together.”

When the couple entered Blossom Restaurant on East Bay Street, they did not pick up on the immediate signs that it wasn’t what they believed it to be. “The host said she had a table for us by the window,” said John. “And in my best Joey voice I said ‘Whoa’, but she just looked at me like I was crazy.”

Despite there being no pictures of Mayim Bialik on display anywhere, the couple still believed it was a Blossom tribute bar because their served kind of looked like Nick Russo, Blossom’s dad. When the couple asked if he was going to play any songs on the piano, their server became confused and walked away to get some glasses of water. When John saw a graphic of a blossom flower on the menu instead of a photo of the show’s cast, he realized what a huge mistake they made.

The couple still enjoyed a great meal despite the big misunderstanding. John and Carol hope to make up for it by catching a glimpse of Tom Hanks at his signature restaurant Hank’s Seafood on Hayne Street before they head home.

2 Comments on "Tourists Disappointed To Discover Blossom is Not a Tribute Bar For the 90’s Sitcom"

  1. R.T. Shepherd | May 5, 2016 at 10:15 pm |

    What an intrepid will the undercover reporter for “Fauxcountry” has! What deviltry shall he next unmask? What breakdown, meltdown, misunderstanding or generalized scandal?

  2. R.T. Shepherd | May 5, 2016 at 10:18 pm |

    Perhaps they’ll see some of Bill’s antics downtown before they head homeward.

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