Party-Goers Want Acoustic Guitar Guy To Shut Up So They Can Put Kanye Back On

Party-goers at a downtown get-together almost threatened to leave the party when an acoustic guitar player turned off Kanye West on the stereo to treat everyone to some unplugged pop songs. The acoustic guitar player, Hunter Karp, has a history of killing the energy at rocking parties by breaking out his guitar at the worst possible moment.

Party attendee Delilah Brickner was blown away when the party came to a screeching halt. “Everyone had an awesome buzz going and we were all jamming to Yeezus, and then this dude turned the music off to play Dave Matthews on his acoustic guitar. Everyone was like, ‘Are you serious, bro?'”

“He always does this,” said party host Wes Franklin. “He told me he’d been practicing some new songs and made it clear he brought his guitar with him. Then he just awkwardly stared at me until I felt obligated to ask him to play one. Before I knew it, the Kayne was off and he was playing Crash Into Me in the living room. It was awful.”

The females at the party were unimpressed with the impromptu serenade. “I couldn’t wait for it to be over,” said partygoer Jenny Shea. “The acoustic guitar at a party thing was cool in high school, but it’s a bit douche chilling in your mid-20’s. It was killing the party. That’s why I took drastic measures.”

Jenny reportedly faked a tripping motion on the living room rug and dumped her entire beer on the guitar player. While she profusely apologized to a stunned Hunter, her friends quickly took the opportunity to resume pumping Kayne at full-blast. The positive energy immediately returned to the party and everyone rocked out late into the evening. When asked for comment, Hunter said he’s learning some new John Mayer songs to wow people at the next party.

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  1. R.T. Shepherd | April 9, 2016 at 1:07 pm |

    Too silly! I love this stuff. Frankly, though, I’d prefer the acoustic guitar chap.

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