Palmetto Bug Voted Fanciest Cockroach

Break out the champagne and caviar, because Charleston’s own Palmetto Bug has been voted Fanciest Cockroach by Entomologist Weekly! It’s the first time the Palmetto Bug has received this honor after taking the title from the Parisian Le Roach.

Editor in Chief of Entomologist Weekly Jeremy Barrons said, “When all things were considered, it was really an easy choice. The Palmetto Bug showcases its sophistication in such a classy city, and it flies too. How fancy!”

Palmetto Bugs are large cockroaches with wings, usually flourishing downtown and in other moist areas. They’re best known for making grown men scream like little girls after they accidentally touch one with their broom, causing it to fly up in their face.

Although the bugs are a big part of downtown life, not all residents care for them. College of Charleston student Hannah Trow shared her disdain for the insect. “It’s not a Palmetto Bug, it’s a friggin big-ass cockroach. Stop saying Palmetto Bug to make yourself feel better about your gross infestation and clean your kitchen.”

Mayor John Tecklenburg will be hosting a formal ceremony in front of the restaurant trash cans on East Bay Street next week to name the Palmetto Bug the Official Insect of Charleston. All who attend will receive gift bags sponsored by Orkin.

2 Comments on "Palmetto Bug Voted Fanciest Cockroach"

  1. As my sister once said, Palmetto Bug is just a fancy name for a cockroach you can put a saddle on.

  2. R.T. Shepherd | May 14, 2016 at 11:02 am |

    Awards are long overdue for this critter. Go Faux!

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