North Charleston To Fill Coliseum With Sweet Tea to Steal World Record From Summerville


Summerville made national headlines over the summer by capturing the world record for Largest Sweet Tea, but if the City of North Charleston gets their way, the record won’t last for long. North Charleston plans to convert the entire North Charleston Coliseum into a massive glass and fill it with millions of gallons of sweet tea to steal the Guinness World Record away.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey discussed the importance of the project. “We’re tired of getting one-upped by Summerville. We’re going to make a glass of sweet tea so huge, they’ll never be able to catch us. Ha-ha!”

The bold endeavor will require a multitude of resources, including three hundred laborers and a squadron of 787 Dreamliner jets from the neighboring Boeing plant. The team will seal off every entrance to ensure there are no leaks, then fill the entire coliseum with tea overnight. The workers will then use an industrial can opener to create an opening in the roof to allow three hundred tons of sugar and ice to be air-dropped from the 787 Dreamliner jets.

Once the world record is certified, the team will need to work quickly to drain the coliseum so the Stingrays can play that evening. Chief of Coliseum Operations, Fred Crane, was optimistic about getting it all broken down. “The seats might be a little sticky that night, but we should be good to go for game time.”

The coliseum will pump the millions of gallons of sweet tea to the Golden Corral across the street, which usually serves that volume during a standard dinner service.

5 Comments on "North Charleston To Fill Coliseum With Sweet Tea to Steal World Record From Summerville"

  1. This is one that I actually wish were true, Fauxcountry News. You tease.

  2. So how much will the people pay for this in TAXES?

  3. Although I had no idea that Summerville held the Guinness World Record I am very proud! At the same I am very disappointed that someone so damn close to Summerville would even dream of out doing their neighbor! I would understand if it the record was held in a far a way place, not to mention the $$$$$ its going to cost to follow through with such a ridiculous plan!! Excuse me, why don’t you buy a few 5lbs bags of sugar and a couple boxs of teabags for all of us South Carolinians since its a proven fact we all love sweet iced tea (and I mean sweet!!) Seriously I’m embarrassed because Jealousy is playing such a humorous part in having the title in the Guinness World Record!! Why not sit back and let Summerville keep our title which represents the state we all live in and love! Having a plan of action to fill the entire coliseum up with all that tea will be great,….but Hello? Wait until we no longer hold that title! Seriously imagine what money we would be saving, not to mention acting like Adults instead of kiddos would be the thing to do. I’m curious what the $ amount would be for a 787 airplane would cost us to drop sugar on the top of the coliseum!? Lol! Cha ching!!!

  4. If you believe that I have a bridge I want to sell you over the Cooper River. Lol

  5. Well since Summerville is the birth place of sweet tea it only makes since that we would make the biggest glass. What dies sweet tea have to do with North Charleston?? Come up with your own idea!!

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