New Ghost Town Walking Tour Shows Market Street After 8pm

A new Ghost Town Walking Tour showcases the downtown market after 8pm. The once busy Market Street nightlife is now eerily quiet now that everyone goes out on Upper King Street, and rumor has it you can see and hear the spirits who once thrived there.

The walking tour guides tourists past haunted establishments like Mad River, Mercato, AW Shucks, Tristan, and many more businesses that have moved on. People on the walking tour are permitted to take pictures and bring their own ghost hunting equipment.

Walking Tour Guide Steven Hulsey said that Market Street is full of strange phenomena at night. “Things happen at night that we can’t explain,” he said. “It’s rumored that if you look closely at the old Market Street Saloon, you can see the spirits of girls who didn’t get enough attention from their fathers dancing on bar tops and pressuring people into buying shots out of test tubes.”

Tourist Caitlyn Reynolds said she witnessed something on the Ghost Town Walking Tour she couldn’t explain. “It’s was so strange,” she said. “I was taking pictures of the market area, and all of a sudden someone whispered ‘Purple Tree Lounge’ in my ear. It was terrifying.”

The walking tour comes with a free drink ticket that can be redeemed at any of the remaining Market Street bars. You’re encouraged to use it before it’s too late.

3 Comments on "New Ghost Town Walking Tour Shows Market Street After 8pm"

  1. R.T. Shepherd | June 8, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

    The Purple Tree is a “ghost establishment” as well. So sad….

  2. I miss Myskyns Tavern and the Jukebox for you Ole timers out there

  3. I think I saw purple trees at Myskyns

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