Mt. Pleasant Woman Goes Rogue at Wine Art Class

A Mount Pleasant woman attending a wine & art class with her friends decided to go rogue and paint a different picture than the rest of the class. A heavily-buzzed Kara Barrow rejected the class instruction to paint a beach sunset and instead painted a sloppy portrait of her boyfriend. The act of defiance was the result of consuming mass quantities of wine before and during the art class, leading to lots of embarrassment for herself and her friends.

Best friend Beth suspected that Kara might get hammered. “We met for dinner at Basil before we went to our wine & art class. Kara pre-gamed by downing a bottle of Pinot herself and only ate a light salad, which is always a recipe for disaster when you’re boozing. We knew things were bad when she stumbled into class.”

Kara paid no attention to the class instructor and began painting a portrait of her boyfriend Brad. The painting featured a misshaped head, oversized eyes and an gross tongue hanging from the mouth. She then posted a selfie with painting to Instagram with the hashtags #GirlsNight #Wine&Art #ClassyBitches #Brad&Kara4EVA

Wine & Art Class Teacher Madison Hooper was surprised by Kara’s decision to ignore the class project. “I had a nice lesson plan prepared to paint a sunset on the beach, but Kara insisted she was going to paint her boyfriend instead. I’ve been teaching these classes for five years now and I’ve never had someone do that. I feel bad for her boyfriend, because she made him look like a scary Picassoesque troll doll.”

Kara fell asleep during the car ride home and had to be carried into her house by her friends. Once they dropped her down on her living room couch, she immediately began snoring. Kara is expected to wake up and be horrified by the painting she created and become angry for wasting her money.

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  1. lol! as one who has taken these classes many times, this is funny!

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