Mt. Pleasant Man with $75K Boat Can Only Afford to Store It In His Front Yard

A Mount Pleasant man with a $75,000 center console boat has been storing it in his front yard because it’s the only place he can afford to keep it. Despite receiving numerous written warnings from his Home Owners Association, Chares Keller continues to keep the boat directly in front of his house and refuses to move it.

Charles defended keeping his boat in his front yard. “I can barely afford to make the payments on this thing. How the hell do you expect me to pay $400 a month in dry storage fees? Doesn’t everyone understand….I’m trying to keep up with purchasing all the leisure items my co-workers have. Why doesn’t the HOA understand my needs? Besides, I think the boat looks classy in the front yard.”

Charles’ wife is oblivious to the boat’s effect on their near-imploding personal finances. “I don’t care how much the boat costs. If we don’t have the boat, I can’t post cute selfies of me wearing a bikini at Capers Island on Instagram. If I don’t post cute boat selfies on Instagram, people will think we’re poor, and we don’t want that. The boat stays.”

Neighbor Rick Tulman vented his frustrations about the boat’s location. “I hate seeing that damn thing when I look out the window each morning. If you want to keep your boat in your front yard, just move to Goose Creek. As they saying goes….if you can’t afford to properly store a boat, you can’t afford a boat.”

Charles’ neighbors will hate him even more when he somehow qualifies to finance a brand new trailer camper that he also will keep in his front yard until it’s repo’d for non-payment. It will take the front yard grass five years to grown back again.