Mt. Pleasant Man Postpones Training For The Bridge Run Again

A Mount Pleasant man once again postponed starting his training program for the Cooper River Bridge Run so he could watch a Law & Order marathon on TNT. Henry Gallow is on track to be completely unprepared for the bridge run having not done even one training session. This would make it the 8th consecutive year Gallow has signed up for the bridge run and failed to do any actual running. 
Henry has used the same excuse to delay training for the last 47 days and is way behind in his Couch to 10K program. “Believe me, I’m still running that race this year,” said Henry. “But I’m just not feeling the whole jogging thing this morning and my shins are bothering me. I’ll get started tomorrow when I’m ready to go. I still have 5 weeks left, and that’s plenty of time if I just bypass the initial Couch to 5k part.”
Henry’s wife is no longer surprised by his lack of dedication to pounding the pavement. “This is standard Henry,” she said. “He comes up with some grandiose plan to get in shape when he’s five beers deep and then he registers for a race. When it comes time to do the work, he’d rather eat a Tombstone Pizza on the couch. The first year I was supportive, even offering to train with him, but now I just let it play itself out.”

Henry will most likely remain steadfast in his insistence that he’s going to run the race until 48 hours before it starts, when he scrambles to sell his race bib on Craigslist for 40% of what he paid for it. Henry is planning to make up for his lack of training by registering for a 10K rugged obstacle course in Charlotte, NC in July.