Mt. Pleasant Man Fears His Friends Will Discover He Was a Die-Hard Limp Bizkit Fan

A Mount Pleasant man is living in fear that his friends will discover he was a die-hard Limp Bizkit fan sixteen years ago. Recent evidence of Greg Duncan’s devout Limp Bizkit fandom has surfaced on social media, causing his friends to question his past. Greg has been avoiding invites to parties and happy hours hoping the scandal will pass, but so far, his friends aren’t letting up in their pursuit for the truth.
Greg fell in love with Limp Bizkit when he heard them for the first time back in 1999. “I was sucked in by Fred’s angry lyrics and DJ Lethal’s fresh beats,” he said. “I spent that entire summer following them and Korn around on their North American tour. I can still rap every song by heart.”
Greg had done a good job keeping his past fandom under wraps, but an old friend recently posted photographs he found in his garage on Facebook. One of them was of Greg backstage after a show in full Wes Borland face paint. Greg immediately untagged himself, but not before some of his friends saw it in their newsfeed. Now his friends are whispering amongst themselves trying to figure out the truth.
Greg’s neighbor Evan Yates says he isn’t sure what to believe anymore. “He told me he was a huge Dave Matthews fan in the early 2000’s. If he really was a Limp Bizkit fan, it changes everything. That band was God awful. I may have to put my house on the market to distance myself from him.”
Psychologist Eileen Swanson said Greg needs to own his past pleasures and move on. “Everyone has done something embarrassing when they were growing up,” said Swanson. “I used to go to raves wearing glow-in-the-dark angel wings and a Dr. Seuss hat. I was such a tool, but I owned it and moved on. Greg needs to do the same.”
Greg has lived in Mount Pleasant for ten years, but he’s never been to the beach because he doesn’t want his friends to see the giant tattoo on his back of Fred Durst wearing a red hat backwards. Greg has looked into laser tattoo removal, but it will cost thousands of dollars and take years to complete. Greg is hoping his friends find a new scandal to gossip about to shift the focus off of him.

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