Mt. Pleasant Girl Asks Santa For Dollhouse With Granite Countertops and Brazilian Cherry Floors

A Mount Pleasant girl asked Santa for a brand new dollhouse with granite countertops and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. Six-year-old Madeline Burrows reviewed the list of interior décor details she demanded with the Santa Claus at the Towne Centre Christmas station while her mom played with Snapchat selfie filters.

Madeline waited in line for two hours to make sure Santa received specific instructions for all of her dollhouse’s designer materials and how she wants them installed. She also specified a Viking stainless steel gas range and chandeliers in each room. Madelina rounded out her demands by telling Santa to make sure the dollhouse is on the marsh so she could take the boat to Red’s Icehouse for lunch if she wants to.

Town Centre Santa Tony Wilson didn’t know how to respond to Madeline. “She tells me she wants a dollhouse, then she starts rattling off a punch list of high-end interior items,” he said. “Then she tells me she wants a Lexus SUV in the driveway with a big red bow on top, just like on the commercial. Is this girl for real?

Madeline’s father Adam says the dollhouse will be completed by Christmas morning. “This has definitely been a tough project,” he said. “It’s hard enough when installers show up to do work at the same time, but it’s even worse when they’re working in the same two square foot space.”

Madeline is expected to have a fit when she learns her best friend Sara got a dollhouse with quartz countertops and rare imported bamboo floors. Madeline’s mom will make it up to her by buying her a brand new wardrobe at Gwynn’s.