Mt. Pleasant Building Double Decker City To Cram More Strip Malls In

Mt. Pleasant has announced plans to begin construction on a second level for their town. Since all the buildable land is taken and they’ve reached maximum commercial capacity, city officials want to go vertical so they can cram more strip malls within their borders.

Mt. Pleasant Town Council unanimously approved the measure to add a second level so they can reach their goal of building 13 brand new Little Caesars locations by 2018. The new city level will be constructed of steel beams with a few openings scattered throughout so sunlight can still get through to the first level residents. The second level roads will be designed to accommodate half the flow of cars needed so traffic can remain just as infuriating as it is now.

Local Jeanette Phillips is hopeful for the new level of construction. “Some people are mad, but I’m going to support the project,” she said. “Maybe the houses will be cheaper on level 2, so we won’t have to pay half a million dollars for a crappy little house with 90’s kitchen appliances just so our kid can go to Wando.”

The Mt. Pleasant Planning Commission is also considering a new proposal to build a strip mall within Shem Creek. Commission Chairman Jim Lane said, “If we can just get the water out of Shem Creek, we can shimmy a new strip mall right inside there. It’s like it was meant to be drained. Boaters can ride around somewhere else, because the people of Mt. Pleasant need more Dollar Tree stores.”

A protest is planned to voice opposition to the new level of Mt. Pleasant. It will be held in the Belle Hall Shopping Center parking lot so protestors can drop off their dry cleaning, fill their kid’s asthma medication and buy their dog’s sensitive stomach food all in the same spot while making their voices heard.

3 Comments on "Mt. Pleasant Building Double Decker City To Cram More Strip Malls In"

  1. What a great idea and investment opportunity.

  2. I especially like the idea of draining Shem Creek to make room for more buildings. You can never have enough concrete, I say.

  3. SouthWillRise | May 23, 2017 at 10:53 am |

    Put it on Sullivan’s Island. Thats where most of these greedy developers live. I say stick a Walmart right in the middle of the island. Might need to level some old beach houses and oak trees but what else is new. Eminent Domain.. Thats their excuse for ruining everyone else’s homes all over the area.

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