Mt. Pleasant Barre Bar Blends Fake Ballet and Appletinis

A new Barre Bar class has taken Mt. Pleasant by storm and is attracting local women by the masses. The new fitness concept blends half-ass ballet with top-shelf Appletinis in a single hour. Now Mt. Pleasant stay-at-home moms can get their Barre workouts in without having to miss happy hour with the girls.

Traditional Barre classes are sixty minutes of children’s-level ballet movements so women can brag about how fancy their fitness routine is. Barre Bar changes the fitness game by alternating 10 minutes of phony ballet with Appletini breaks, and the concept has caught fire with a ten week waiting list to join a class.

Barre Bar owner Jessica Hamilton knew her fitness concept would be a disruptive force. “We knew the women of Mt. Pleasant wanted to look like they’re doing exercise without actually breaking a sweat, while also sipping on a cocktail. We consolidated the two into a single hour so they can free up their schedules. Now they can spend more time shopping online at Pottery Barn.”

A Barre Bar class attendee said she was extremely happy with the results so far. “I’ve been doing Barre Bar for a month now and I’ve gained four pounds,” she said. “I don’t mind, though. The most important thing is checking in to a Barre class on Facebook so my friends think I’m classy as fuck. That’s really all I care about.”

Barre Bar plans to open more facilities in the next year. They’re also planning to launch their new Barre Bar Bar concept, which allows women to do half-ass ballet, drink alcohol, and study for the state law exam.