Mount Pleasant Man Claims His DUI Doesn’t Count Because He Was Almost Home

A Mount Pleasant man will go to court today to fight his DUI on the grounds that it shouldn’t count because he was almost home.  This is the first DUI defense of its kind and could become a landmark case that may cause a ripple throughout the Charleston County Court system. The defendant, Ben Holloway, has hired all-star legal team Lush & Hammerd to fight for his acquittal.

On the evening of November 25th 2015, Holloway was returning home from a night bar hopping throughout Mt. Pleasant with his friends. Mt. Pleasant Police pulled over his Range Rover just outside the I’on community, where Holloway resides. Police reports show that the vehicle was repeatedly attempting to exit the round-about and tossing Taco Bell wrappers out the window.

“It’s total bullshit,” said Holloway. “I was literally fifteen seconds from being home, and I totally could’ve made it. I wasn’t even that buzzed. I only had, like, eight drinks, and this overzealous cop threw me in jail for no reason. I do this all the time. It’s no big deal.”

The arresting officer, Drew Franklin, painted a different picture of the encounter. “The moment I approached the car, I could smell the booze. First, Mr. Holloway refused to stop blasting Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band on the radio because it was ‘getting close to the good part.’ Then, he asked me to hold his beer while he performed the sobriety test. I wasn’t shocked that he blew a 0.19%.”

Holloway has used his extensive financial resources to hire Lush & Hammerd, an elite legal duo with offices on Broad Street. The attorney’s optimism didn’t seem to match their client’s. “Yeah, we’re probably not going to win this case,” said Lush. “But this arrogant preppie douche insists on paying us to fight it, so we will. At least it will pay for a couple boat payments.”

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