Meteorologists Sadly Roll Sleeves Back Down After Disappointing Storm

Charleston-area Meteorologists sadly rolled their dress shirt sleeves back down this morning after a disappointing Tropical Storm Colin failed to live up to the hype. This is now the second storm of the season that has been built up as a major event only to have moderate rain delivered.

Local residents who had hoped to have work canceled today were disappointed to see sunshine and well-drained streets. Millennials hoping to capture an overdone picture of kayaking in a flooded downtown market didn’t even bother to get out of bed this morning.

News 2 Meteorologist Chrissy Kohler said watching her co-worker Josh Marthers roll his sleeves back down was uncomfortable. “When we finally realized this storm wasn’t legit, Josh sauntered over to the corner of the weather room and slowly rolled his sleeves back down. It was so sad and awkward. This is why I don’t even wear sleeves anymore.”

Psychology Expert Farrah Plimpton said there’s a bizarre phenomenon where Charleston residents actually root for big storms to happen. “When the local media builds a big storm up and it fails to deliver, people experience major disappointment,” she said. “Although that’s mainly due to hoping work gets canceled so they can start day drinking before noon.”

Local resident Nina Freeman was frustrated by the storm hype that didn’t materialize. “Where’s all the flooding and damaging winds they promised?” she said. “I went to the supermarket and bought all the damn milk and bread they had. I’m going to be making French toast for the next twelve weeks.”

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  1. I know! What’s up with all that? I am rather disappointed too, I was all geared up and really expecting high winds and rain today and I was all ready to hold my 100 lb golden retriever in my lap all day if it thundered, watching TCM. Hmmmmph can’t believe a word they say.

    Lol! Good one!

  2. Forecasters said, “We can’t believe the storm moved that fast.” It wasn’t us though, it’s those darn models.

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