Mayor Tecklenburg Going To Build The Damn 526 Extension Himself

Fed up with financial and political red tape to get the I-526 extension completed, Mayor John Tecklenburg announced he will be building the extension all by himself. He began clearing brush and chain sawing trees on James Island yesterday while blasting Bad Company on his boombox.

Since Mayor Tecklenburg has limited funds to put toward the project, he will be using leftover lumber and cinder blocks from his backyard. If he puts in two hours every weekday and eight hours on the weekend, he’s projected to finish building the extension in the year 2371.

Mayor Tecklenburg shared his thoughts while taking a beer break yesterday. “This damn 526 extension isn’t going to build itself,” he said while sipping on a Budweiser tallboy. “If the state and banks won’t help us, I’ll build the whole friggin thing by myself. You watch me.”

Chip Limehouse was supposed to help the Mayor yesterday, but he was too busy binge watching Fuller House on Netflix.

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  1. Can the Mayor add another lane to I-526 from I-26 to Mt. Pleasant after 2371?

  2. Bertie McGucken | June 3, 2016 at 11:22 am |

    Teck v. Putin

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