James Island Woman Blows Lid Off Global Warming Scandal With Picture of Dashboard Temperature

A James Island woman threw the entire planet into turmoil yesterday when she posted a picture of her car’s dashboard temperature reading to Facebook. Laurie Wyatt wanted everyone to know how warm it really was outside, as if they weren’t able to walk outside, check their weather app, or listen to the local weatherperson for that information. Now everything we know about global warming is under scrutiny.

Laurie’s courageous act was motivated by her desire to share the truth. “I got in my car and I was like ‘Whoa, it’s hella-hot in here.’ So I took a picture of my car temp saying it was 109 degrees and shared it to Facebook. People have a right to know it’s hot outside, so I’m just doing my part to help.”

Climatology Expert Ian Pullman said the picture of Laurie’s car temperature was a scientific breakthrough. “We always suspected the planet was getting warmer, but we never knew for sure,” he said. “Now can prove it by looking at pictures of Laurie’s car thermometer via her Facebook feed. This is groundbreaking.”

Climate change deniers have officially given up in the face of this new irrefutable proof. Climate Change Denier Jason Baker said, “I’ve deleted my blog and Twitter account because there’s nothing left to discuss. What’s the point of trying to prove our theory when Laurie’s car temperature says it all?”

The United Nations General Assembly will convene an emergency meeting to discuss Laurie’s dashboard thermometer picture and are expected to take action. The entire planet will be closely watching Laurie’s Facebook feed for more revolutionary information that will trigger worldwide change.

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  1. R.T. Shepherd | June 14, 2016 at 12:08 pm |

    The wonders of Facebook science. ..

  2. Yes, this certainly confirms the Al Gore hockey stick hypothesis. What was thinking? I’m so ashamed…

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