James Island Grandmother Having Trouble Inserting Cash Into Her Laptop To Pay Hackers

A James Island grandmother is frustrated this morning after not being able to pay Russian hackers the money they’re trying to steal from her. Kathy Platt, age 68, is known for downloading every virus possible to her laptop. Now Russian hackers have taken control of her computer and are demanding $250 to give access back, but it’s been three days and the hackers are no closer to making Kathy understand how to make a payment over the internet.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Kathy. “All these strange boxes popped up on my screen asking for my password, and I kept entering it in and it didn’t stop. The password should’ve worked–I use the same one for everything. Now I’m trying to pay the nice customer support gentlemen from Russia, but they insist on me paying with a credit card. I just want to pay with cash and this damn laptop won’t take my bills.”

Kathy’s daughter Shannon is dumbfounded by the amount of viruses her mom downloads to her computer on a regular basis. “I can’t tell you have many times we’ve had to run antivirus software on her computer to completely disinfect it. Last time we went there, she had three different Ask Jeeves toolbars on Internet Explorer. How does that even happen?”

The Russian hackers have had enough and are ready to move on to their next target. “We were initially excited by how quickly she bought our con story,” said Boris. “But we’ve spent the last three days explaining to her how to enter a credit card into her computer. She still insists on paying with cash. I want to bang my head against a brick wall.”

Computer Crimes Expert Anthony Simmons said old people are becoming the worst targets for hackers. “It’s easy to dupe them, but it’s stressful as hell trying to guide them through the process of using their computer to send money. Their technical ineptitude is actually their best defense.”

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  1. Please tell me that photo is of a 78 year old!

  2. Can I get Kathy’s email address? I work from home making $5,000 per month and I think she would benefit.

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