James Island Bartender Having Trouble Closing Tabs Because She’s Drunker Than Everyone

Patrons at a James Island bar became furious last night when they weren’t able to leave when they wanted to because the bartender was too drunk to close their tabs out. Laci Strause was supposed to have the night off for her 27th birthday, but got called into to be the solo bartender when no one else was available.

Laci started the evening responsibly by refusing all offers for birthday drinks from customers, but soon caved in to the pressure and ripped ten Fireball shots in less than an hour. The bar patrons became rowdy when Laci started making free shots for everyone on the house, but the mood in the crowd shifted quickly when no one could leave, because Laci was blackout wasted and couldn’t operate the bar tab system.

Customer Aaron Daniels waited for 45 minutes for the return of his debit card before giving up and going home for the night. “I literally asked her for my debit card like seven times, and each time she just shooshed me and sang Sister Christian while making free shots for everyone. I finally was like, screw it…I’ll get it tomorrow.”

Waitress Jenny Tarrino knew having Lacy work the bar solo on her birthday was a recipe for disaster. “I saw this coming from a mile away,” she said. “You take a certified booze hound and put her in charge of a hundred bottles of alcohol on her 27th birthday, and you’re gonna have problems. That’s like a fox watching the henhouse.”

Lacy is expected to be fired in the morning when she’s too hungover to work the brunch shift and the manager realizes she gave away $750 in free liquor last night. She’ll likely take a job at another James Island bar who just fired their bartender for the very same reason.

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  1. R.T. Shepherd | April 25, 2016 at 2:47 pm |

    People like this need help, not tell-all articles. Poor thing…

  2. Bless her heart! Lol

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