Hardcore Liberal Secretly Enjoying Climate Change In Charleston This Week

A downtown hardcore liberal is secretly enjoying the nice weather climate change has created this week. Angela Crawford hasn’t touched her jacket since Monday and doesn’t want to admit to her ultra-hippie friends that the warm weather in January is quite enjoyable.

Angela has passionately called for change to prevent climate change for years, but toned down her calls for action this week when she realized it was sunny and 75 degrees. Even though Angela knows climate change will bring the inevitable destruction of the planet, she welcomed the pleasant change in January weather.

Angela was conflicted about her feelings this week. “It feels so bad to say it, but this weather feels so good,” she said. “I insulted a climate denier on Facebook so my friends could still see my solidarity with the cause, but then I went to drink a beer on the bar deck on Folly Beach. Wearing a t-shirt and shorts in January? This is amazing.”

Climatologist Frank Yates conceded that there are a few minor benefits to climate change. “Even though climate change will most definitely create widespread crop death, lethal heat strokes, and rising sea levels that will bring upon destructive tsunamis, it will still bring some nice weather every once in a while during normally cold months. China’s pollution has pretty much screwed our planet at this point, so enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. We’re going to be in some deep shit a few years from now.”

Angela will also drop her vegan lifestyle this week when she discovers how delicious a NY strip steak is. She will lead a double life hiding all the new things she enjoys so she isn’t publicly shamed on social media by all her ultra-liberal friends.