Guy With Raccoon Eyes Sunburn Struggling To Be Taken Seriously During Presentation

A Mount Pleasant man struggled to keep his co-workers’ attention this morning as they were increasingly distracted by the raccoon eyes sunburn he got over the weekend. Despite the giggling and not-so-subtle photos being taken by his colleagues,  Blake Paulson forged on with his PowerPoint presentation. 
Blake made the critical mistake of not putting on sunscreen before taking his boat out with friends yesterday. His later beer buzz prevented him from sensing his sunburn setting in until it was too late, leaving only his eyes protected by his Costa Del Mar sunglasses. The transition from ‘Cool Guy With a Boat’ to ‘Dork With Sunburn’ was swift.
Blake knew his presentation was going to be a failure the moment he looked into the mirror this morning. “As soon as I saw my raccoon eyes, I realized it would be a major distraction. I tried to use my girlfriend’s concealer lipstick looking thing to blend it all in, but all she had was a light color when I really needed more of a tan. I had no choice but to go to work with my ridiculous sunburn.”
Co-worker Nina Sloan was delighted with the unintentional entertainment provided. “When I walked into the conference room, I thought he may have been wearing clown make-up or something as part of the presentation,” she said. “Then I realized it was a sunburn and I completely lost my shit laughing. I posted like five pictures to Instagram with 30 hashtags each throughout his talk. They have about thirty hearts.”
Blake will now be forced to either wear his sunglasses at the beach for the rest of the year, or intentionally let his eyes get sunburned to even out his tan. Blake is expected to get another raccoon sunburn next weekend when he starts drinking too fast and forgets to put on his sunscreen again.

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  1. Got to hate it when that happens.

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