Guy Who Didn’t Get Hammered Last Night Posting Sunrise Pictures From Folly Beach

A select few Charleston locals were treated to some special pictures of the sun rising at Folly Beach in their Facebook feeds this morning. The amateur photographer, Aaron Miller, posted seven different pictures of the sun revealing itself over the Atlantic. Given Miller’s history of getting blackout wasted every Friday night and being a useless zombie on Saturday, his pictures generated quite a surprise from friends and family members.

Waking up early to see the sunrise wasn’t originally included in Miller’s weekend plans. “I was going to meet up with my buddies PJ and Nacho last night to get wasted at The Sand Dollar, but I laid down on the couch to rest my eyes, and the next thing I knew, it was 5am. I was totally bummed.”

Being fully awake at such an early hour with nothing to do, Miller strolled from his bungalow to the beach to see the sunrise. “I’d never been up that early before, so I thought I’d check out the orangey sun bursting out of the ocean and looking all cool.” Miller took out his phone and shot various pictures of the sunrise in its progression, then posted all of them to Facebook. Since Miller is normally a boozer who doesn’t get out of bed before noon, his friends initially thought his phone had been stolen by a poet with a ponytail, but they were delighted to learn that wasn’t the case.

Miller was surprised by his own productivity for the remainder of the day. He cleaned his kitchen, went surfing, and paid his taxes–all before noon. This was quite a departure from Miller’s standard Saturdays, which usually consist of waking up with a wicked headache, then going to Bagel Nation to get a bacon, egg & cheese before drifting in and out of consciousness all afternoon while watching a Deadliest Catch marathon on The Discovery Channel.

“It’s so weird,” said Miller. “When you don’t have a raging hangover, you can actually get a lot of stuff done.” When asked if he would do the same thing tomorrow morning, Miller laughed. “Hell no! I’m getting tore up tonight. I have a day’s worth of drinking to catch up on.”