Guy Taking Softball Way Too Seriously Doesn’t Understand It’s a Sport For Women

A Mt. Pleasant man is driving everyone on his rec B-league softball team crazy by taking every little aspect of the game way too seriously. Tyler Covington is screaming at his female teammates for not living up to his expectations, even though the sport he’s playing was specifically designed for women only.

Tyler vented his frustration after his team’s Wednesday night loss. “It’s bull crap, man,” he said. “We had that win wrapped up and we let it go. If we were sliding into bases and taking out the catcher at the plate, we would have won.” Tyler then angrily threw his equipment into the back of his 1998 Mazda 3 hatchback.

Teammate Britney Hunt is puzzled by Tyler’s behavior. “I don’t think that dude understands we’re just here to get some light exercise and pound some beers. That psycho will throw a ball 80 MPH at the girl covering first, then scream at her for missing it. He needs to get laid and chill the fuck out.”

Sports Psychologist Yolanda Freeman said this male behavior on the softball field is quite common. “Men who behave aggressively like this in softball usually sucked really bad at sports in high school. They’re trying to chase down their underachieved glory way past their prime, and they look like major tools in the process. If they had any real athletic skill, they’d be playing adult club baseball, but they have none, so they sign up for a recreational women’s sport.”

Team Captain Will Quintan said the team has an elaborate plan to shake Tyler free of their group. “We’re all going to pretend we died in a tragic bus accident, then we’re going to sign up for kickball. Hopefully he won’t find us there.”